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Share mouse and pointer with other computersMango-lassi lets you to share mouse and pointer with other computers using Avahi. It has features like: * Fully peer-to-peer. All Mango Lassi instances are both client and server at the same time. Other hosts may enter or leave a running session at any time. * No need to open X11 up for the network * You have a 50% chance that for your setup you don't need any configuration at all. In the case of the other 50% you might need to swap the order of your screens manually in a simple dialog, because Mango Lassi didn't guess correctly which screen is left and which screen is right. * libnotify integration so that it tells you whenever a desktop joins or leaves your session. * Shows a nice OSD on your screen when your screen's input is currently being redirected to another screen. * Uses all those nifty GNOME APIs, like D-Bus-over-TCP, Avahi, libnotify, Gtk,.. * Supports both the X11 clipboard and the selection, supporting all content types, and not just simple text -- i.e. you can copy and paste image data between Gimp on your screens.
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